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 Disciple Making 

Disciple making is a command of the Lord Jesus for all followers of Him. Jesus Himself modeled this in His own life with the twelve disciples and they in turn discipled many others. Here at RVBC, we provide a disciple making ministry to help followers of Christ grow in their walk with the Lord and then teach you how to replicate this with others. This disciple making pathway involves participating in worship services, Small Groups ministry, and Disciple Making Groups (D-Groups).

What is a D-Group?

A D-Group is a gender-specific closed group of 3-5 people (including the leader) who already knows Jesus Christ as their Savior. D-Groups meet weekly for the purpose of spiritual growth, transformation, and accountability. 

What do D-Group weekly gatherings look like?

Weekly gatherings will include:

Prayer, sharing your highs and lows from the week, quoting a memory verse you selected, sharing how God spoke to you through the scripture assigned during the week, and praying for one another.

Where do D-Groups meet and what time?

Each D-Group will decide where and what time works best. Generally, D-Groups will meet at church, a restaurant, or at someone's home. Some will choose to meet at church during times when childcare is already available. 

How are D-Groups different from small groups or bible study groups?

D-Groups are closed, meaning that once they start no one can join it because of the material that is covered. Small groups and bible study groups are open to someone joining in at any time. D-Groups are gender-specific with no more than 5 people where most small groups/bible study groups are not gender-specific and can have up to 15 or more people in them. 

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